Friday, August 8, 2014

Bikini Body

Have you been enjoying swim suit season?  I was so excited to move from my typical attire of long pants and long sleeve shirts to...floor length skirts and baggy shirts. I'm the lady who would rather wilt and sweat than wear shorts. All of my "really short" skirts stop at the knee.  Let's say, I'm not an exhibitionist.

When I was in college I found many ways to show off my assets.  Let's be honest, I had no substantial assets except I was a size 2.  Despite what vanity sizing would like to have me believe, those days are LONG gone!  Growing an entire human inside of my body changed the topography!  While I used to be vaguely shaped like a 10 year old (Oh, but how great, right?!  Eesh.) now, in the wise words of our friend Shakira, my hips don't lie.  I take up much more space on a plane than I used to.