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 About Daisy:

Jen and I met in college – and it feels like just last week that we were up to all kinds of shenanigans that I will casually dismiss here since family might eventually find out that we are writing this.  Suffice it to say we had A. Lot. Of.  Fun.  

After grad school, several moves to several states, and three boys later, we’re still friends.  This is pretty stunning because I am not the easiest person to be friends with.  I’m a bit introverted.  I sometimes wish people would even schedule phone calls in advance.  I want to hear from you, I swear!  But I need to be ready.

I have a big heart and I adore my friends but I’m a little “head in the clouds”.  I’ll remember in July that I should have sent you a card for your birthday in June.  So I’ll underline and highlight your birthday on the calendar and cross my heart to remember next year.  Then in January I’ll recycle the calendar in a cleaning frenzy.  So, eventually I decided, meh, I never liked birthdays anyway.  But I will come and visit you if you have a baby and force you to take naps, and make you hot tea, and carry your baby around while you take long showers, and be thrilled for the privilege of spending time with you.  
I work part-time, I am home part time.  I adore cooking; the longer and more complicated the recipe the better.  I am an aspirational gardener.  I can make toys and games out of bits and scraps, but my true construction skills are yet untested.  Sometimes I write poetry, and then I make fun of myself for it.  I’m a semi-minimalist in the sense that I routinely think, “Why the hell do we have all this CRAP!?”  And then I purge my house.  (Nothing is safe.  This just happened to the microwave. It was too big, it’s gone!)  I believe in being good to the earth and good to the creatures on it.  

I believe that my dharma is simply to learn, be humble, and love others.  Jen will dazzle you with her skills, whatever she does is awesome and you should do it too.  But I believe that the universe is really pushing the “learn and be humble” angle in my life.  I try, and fail, try, and fail, often with hilarious results.  My four year old son is an excellent teacher who is generous in showing me that I don’t have it all figured out!  And I’m grateful to be learning.  

About Jen:
Jen is Super Mom to two beautiful boys, and a (middling at best0 wife to one big boy. Jen lives in Pittsburgh with her men where she works part time from home as a landscape architect. (Billable hours while breastfeeding is possible with the right carrier!) 

Jen can build, imagine, sew, fix, organize, bake and grow just about anything. But she can't cook. Which is why she is grateful, nightly, for a husband who can.

(Jen also apparently prefers to write in the third person, but we won't hold that against her ok?)

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