Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm not gonna brag or anything, but I'm pretty freakin' awesome at this Mom gig. I mean, I turned an old t-shirt into a superhero cape and mask in no time flat. Who does that? Supermom. That's who.

Start with a tee shirt. Solid color men's t-shirts are best. Long sleeve, short sleeve, damaged, doesn't matter. Fold it in half thusly:

Cut a straight line across the chest portion of the shirt and remove the arms like so:

(You are nearly done.) Open up the neck portion and cut away the front of the shirt, angling the cut to the back corners.You are making a large U shape. This is the cape. (OMG-You are sooo awesome! HOW do you do it ALL?)

Cut a weird mask-like shape from one of the sleeves that is roughly the size of your kid's head. (I had previously cut the purple one from a short sleeve shirt sleeve that I totally pulled over Kiddo's head to estimate the fit.)

Fold and cut a little notch to make the eye holes.

YOU ARE D-O-N-E DONE! Strip your little to his underpants or diaper or whatever and let him run around saving distressed toys while you sit under the air conditioner ignoring whatever is on the floor and contemplating whether or not it is possible to die of humidity-you earned it, Supermom.


(PS-You should probably keep an eye on your superhero.  Like all DIY toys this one hasn't been tested and is probably a risk of something terrible, like fun or strangulation. And he's probably inclined to climb something high and jump off, 'cause, you know, super powers and stuff. But you knew that. You're Supermom after all.)

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