Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just keep moving forward: Boy's Room

We haven't dropped off the face of the earth-I swear! I'm stuck in renovation/unpacking hell, and Daisy is in the throes of fall semester academia. For a peek at what I've been working's what happened today in Kiddo's room.

He's been wandering the house at night because he wakes up and doesn't like his room. I can't blame him. Seriously, look at that mess. There is packing wrap on the nightstand for crying out loud. We have been here two months.

And the room is cold. The un-insulated vents go through the unheated garage before they get to his room, so the heat is not optimal. And he can't stay under a blanket. I have been avoiding the room because I wanted to make it airplane themed and I don't have anything yet. Then inspiration struck.

He will only sleep on a mattress on the floor.

His best friend is a giant bear.

He won't wiggle out of a sleeping bag.

His favorite place in the world is camp.

I have an old Christmas tree I would like to get rid of/repurpose because I don't like it.

Before: I give up decor

After: CAMP!

Obviously I am not done yet, and the other side of the room is still pretty crazy, but...PROGRESS.

I will write about the rest as it comes. I have so many Pinterest pins. There's going to be a tent, and cardboard taxidermy, and branches for curtain rods, and old sports equipment, and a sign post, and paint, and banners, and vintage everything, and a fire pit. Yup. It will be awesome.

But for right now, we all give up. Even Optimus Prime, and he's freakin' king of the robots.









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