Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creating Life

While Jenny is busy creating real people life, we have ventured into the land of Sea Monkeys!  I am having an ethical dilemma regarding the little critters.  First of all, as evidenced by my fails to even grow bean sprouts and carrot tops, I'm a little shaky in the life sustaining department.  And then, my son was given a Sea Monkey "kit" for his birthday.

 Some people are very serious about their Sea- Monkeys. (Who ARE these people?  If you are one of those people, I take it back, YOU are awesome)   Mine look a little bit like swimming feathery maggots. 

Apparently they are AMAZING!  INSTANT LIFE! 

Some people buy toys for their mini crustaceans...

Some people take their Sea-Monkeys on walks...?

I know I'm on the verge of bad karma because I keep thinking...when we visit family we have someone take care of our cat.  Do we SERIOUSLY have to pay someone to feed the Sea Monkeys?  And I already know I'm a negligent "hobbyist"  because I don't properly aerate their water supply or keep packets of SeaMonkey Medic on hand if they get sick.

Do I take them along on trips?  Do I give them extra food and hope for the best?  Do I ask someone to look after them?  And really...why am I stressed about this?  Hubby says "Flush them."  At least my karma is better than his.


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  1. Ask Lois. She will care for them with dedication and enthusiasm I am sure.