Monday, September 29, 2014

A much needed slipcover (under $60)

So, I have been a little behind for, um...the last 9 months or so. Between kiddo's diagnosis, baby brother's arrival, selling our house, and now moving into a fixer, it's been a little busy. I realized just how negligent I've been about blogging this morning when I started hunting for photos to list this couch for sale on Craigslist.

I was supposed to do a tutorial on slip overs, but there are about a million and one on the internet already, so here's a bunch of photos instead. I used canvas drop cloths for the material. Wash and dry it on hot before you use it and it totally changes the texture. They hold up great too.




















So yeah, I am feeling lazy, and we are all sick, and I need to paint the kitchen before the cabinets show up tomorrow, so that's as involved as I can be with the blog today. But, bonus, this couch is up for grabs on Pittsburgh's Craigslist.

Someday soon I will treat you to the before photos of our new house...get this, it's a fixer. Like I needed something to do.



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