Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chocolate Cherry Pancakes

I like pancakes. I really really like pancakes. But I am allergic to eggs. This is well documented at this point. The personal assistant as CSID (I should maybe explain that one of these days) and cannot eat sugar (sucrose) or "too much" starch. But I still really like pancakes.

Obviously, Daisy's famous pancakes are out for us. (But don't let that stop you!) The pancake recipe I used to use was somewhat like this one, also a no-go. Crepes would be good for el Kiddo if I just swapped out the sugar for dextrose, but again, not so much for me, although I have made eggless crepes and they are still yummy. Another protein packed alternative is the Swedish pancake. I have fond memories of making these with my Dad on lazy Saturday mornings as a kid, before anyone had ever heard of IKEA.

But today I want chocolate freakin' pancakes, with cherry syrup. And by God I will have them!

(If you want some too, and you know you do, you will need...)

1 c Flour

Pinch of Salt

1/4c Sugar (or dextrose)

3 t Baking powder

2 t cocoa powder

3 t Butter, plus more butter

1/2 t vanilla

1 c Milk (plus some more maybe)

Cherry Jam (I canned my own, but you could use store bought.)

Heat a pan and melt 3t butter in it.

Mix your dry ingredients, then add pour in the melted butter, vanilla, and then add the milk. Mix well.

If you like thinner pancakes, or need to stretch the batter, add more milk slowly. Use the batter immediately. I get about 9 pancakes if I thin the batter.

Meanwhile, heat the jam in the microwave until it reverts to liquid. It will be nice and syrupy. Pour the hot jam over the pancakes and serve with butter.


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