Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sweets for my sweet, sugar free chocolate cheesecake crepes

As some of you know, The Personal Assistant is not allowed to have any sugar. None. Zip. Zelch. But... 'tis the season of cookies, and pie, and candy canes, and hot chocolate. And he's two, so it is extra hard to watch him forgo all of the sweet treat fun. And as a bonus, I am allergic to eggs, so breakfast casseroles are also out. Oh, and I am hosting this year, so I probably shouldn't just serve toast and cereal.

But I think I found a solution...for Christmas breakfast we will be dining on Chocolate Cheesecake Crepes! They are divine, and easy, and make ahead and freeze-able, and totally egg and sugar free, but no one will know but you and me.

First, the Crepes. Easy peasy.

2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons oil

Cook very thinly on a griddle, pan or...

...crepe pan. I love mine. It even came with a dish that is the perfect size and shape to dunk the hot pan in for perfect crepes. Simple. Easy. Love it.

Now the chocolate cheesecake filling.

1 package Chocolate pudding (sugar free)
The milk called for on the package (usually 1 cup)
One small container of ricotta.

Beat pudding and milk in mixer. Add ricotta. Beat on medium until smooth and soft set (about 5 minutes).

Invert your pile of creps onto your prep surface (the most recent creps will be a bit stiff, but the ones at the bottom of the pile have been steaming and are prefectly pliable now.)

If freezing, line a 13x9 pan with foil.

Smear a heaping tablespoon onto each crepe and roll up.

Rolled crepe...

Or fold...

Fill up the pan. If freezing, place unwrapped in freezer until stiff, then wrap foil tightly to store. Otherwise, refrigerate at least overnight to allow pudding to set. Serve chilled or room temp. You can garnish with berries, warmed preserves, compote, or powdered sugar.

For kiddo, I made them ice cream cone shaped. He loves to eat them frozen!

Good luck out there Mamas. I wish you the sanity and simplicity that I am lacking. Merry Christmas!


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