Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY little boy stocking stuffer round up

Christmas around here is a DIY fest, and I love it. I might be crazy, but I grew up getting DIY gifts made lovingly by my parents and I think it is a great tradition to carry on. We have a rule that Santa gifts should be conceivably hand made, if not by us (me) then by some one else. It is a great way to support local (and ot so local) artisans and give simpler toys to our kiddo that leave lots of room for open ended creative play-the kind that builds imagination and inquisitive minds.
That said, stocking stuffing can get pricey fast! A little DIY spirit can also stretch the Christmas budget with out skimping on fun! Follow the jump for my picks for toddler friendly stocking stuffers any boy is bound to love!

Shaped soaps. Fun soaps just might make bath time less...contentious. You could make these in any shape. Ours will likely be trucks and dinosaurs. For extra fun, you could add scents with a few drops of essential oils or citrus zest.

Felt trees. These will be super fun for using on the train table!

Stuffed Dinosaur. Because what little boy would not love a dino pal? This pattern is $7 but I am working on a simplified version and will post a tutorial soon.

City in a Altoids Tin. This free printable will give your little guy a city to go! I will be printing extra cars and spray painting the tin a funky color.

Felt Food. Simple felt food for your little chef. If you can't sew, get some fuseable interfacing and just iron them together.

Wooden Camera. The Personal Assistant is OBSESSED with solving mysteries just like Huckle on Busytown. He's been eying my DSLR camera. No good. I will be working on a wooden camera for him, and I'll post some how to pics.

Car Mat Roll Up. For the matchbox car obsessed.

Felt Animal Masks. WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? These adorable masks are available on Esty, or you could make your own with minimal sewing skills, or skip the sewing and use iron on interfacing.

No Sew Super Hero Cape. Iron on, sew or fabric paint a custom super hero logo, or find a t-shirt with a super hero logo and use that! Super simple!

Boy Doll. This pal was a hit last year. Mine came out looking like my Uncle Kevin, a musician that I nicknamed 'Kevy Babe' when I was three. So for awhile, the Personal Assistant snuggled in bed and listened to music every night with his Kevy Babe. Too adorable.

- Jen


I FOUND MORE ADORABLE PRINTABLES! I think I will be printing some of these for the stocking and leaving them unassembled for some low-key Christmas week craft time.

Printable peg doll Nativity Set

Printable house with Christmas lights

Rocking Horse Ornament

Circus Rider

Pickup Truck

Construction Zone!

Car Mat

VW Bus


Travel sized Nativity

Dinosaur City


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