Friday, April 3, 2015

Kid Crafts: Easter Window Clings

It's hard to find activities that challenge my 4 year old and engage, but are not hazardous the Mr. Baby (he will eat ANYTHING). This easy peasy no mess craft was great for both of them.


I keep a bin of ripped up colored paper in our art supply closet. It is great to pull out for various ripping, gluing, cutting, collage making crafts. For this craft we cut out egg shapes from contact paper, and decorated them with the paper bits. Easy peasy.

Mr. Baby having sensory time.

The Personal Assistant decorating his craft.

Well, that situation evolved quickly.


We had a race to see who could put the last paper bit in the bin. My Personal Assistant won, and everything was quickly picked up. Really.


Our window looks great too.

Happy Easter!



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