Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quick Fix: Large Designer Toy Bin

I have been looking for a large, crushable, (you know, to reduce the toddler minor head injury screams) moderately good looking toy bin for ages. Then I saw it on Boo and the Boy...

Adorable boy's room. Adorable Blog. You should totally check it out...but later.

It was perfect for Camp Bed Room! Or the playroom, or maybe even the livingroom! Clear floors here I come!

It was $27. For a brown paper bag. I kid you not.

You know I can do better right?

Oh yeah. Try $.38

No really. You can have a whole fleet of giant crushable, crash-in-to-able toy bins that match your decor for $.38 each.

You need lawn bags, and left over paint. And something to paint with. (I used a roller.) Left over paint is great because it coordinates with something else you like.

Step 1:

Paint the lawn bags.

If you want to get fancy, you can toss them over a leaf bag holder/funnel to make painting easier and faster. I used to have a cardboard one that I bought for $1 (I think).


Step 2:

Carefully roll/fold down the top of the bag until it is the height you want.

The end.

You could totally do a few of these at different heights.


There. Now if that baby falls into the toy bin nothing, truly nothing will happen.


And voila! Tha playroom is instantly clean and designer-y.


Not really. But the big trucks have a home. We've been using it for two weeks at this point. It looks better the more they beat on it. And if it gets ruined...I DO NOT CARE! I love it.


Most importantly, the pretty chest that we were using as a toy chest has found it's way back into the living room where it is doing a great job coralling all the loose shoes that pile up by the door.

Two messes down. 56,287 to go.








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