Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick Fix: Children's Gallery Wall

My Personal Assistant has finally reached that "color and draw and paint for hours" phase and it is pretty glorious. BUT...

1. Every shred of paper he touches is now precious and must be displayed and/or protected from Mr. Baby.

2. They are constantly ripping things off the fridge/splashing water from the fridge fountain thing.

So, with some junk from the basement I made a gallery wall for the playroom. I'm a bad blogger and I don't have a before. So here's the after:


I found an old box of Ikea Riktig hooks (formerly dinignet) from a failed curtain hanging project from our old apartment. I also had some twine and a handful of screws.

So I put up six screws (beginning, middle, and end) tied the twine taut, and tossed the clips on.

The hooks that came with the set were taped to the back of our alphabet monsters.

It was free (reused crap I had), fast (10 minutes tops), and easy (if you can use a screwdriver you are golden). So pretty much the perfect quick fix.

There is now plenty of space for the kids projects, and I don't need to worry about tape on my walls. Also, there was a lot less damage to the walls when compared to using the riktig system, which requires 3 screws per bracket and (we found) was impossible to get the wire to hang taunt.

My Assistant spent the afternoon painting and drawing to fill up his new gallery. It was lovely.



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