Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pretty Princess Parfaits

We had a knights and princesses party here for the Personal Assistant and Mr. Baby's birthday. It was super fun. The menu was pretty easy, but I did make a few special treats. Like these yummy parfaits. Mmmmm.


These were pretty easy, and of course safe for my CSID guys.

Pretty Princess Parfaits

Makes 12 small kid sized servings


12 clear party tumblers

Sugar free chocolate syrup (I used Hersey's)

Cool whip

Pitted Cherries (fresh would be best, but I used some that were canned in water with no sugar added.)


Avocado pudding layer

4 ripe avocados

1/8 c milk or cream

1/4 cup cocoa

1/3 c dextrose

1/3 c fructose

2 T vanilla

1 T coffee


Cherry yogurt layer

1 large container whole milk or greek yogurt (plain, no added sugar)

1 pack cherry kool-aid

4 packets stevia


  1. Swirl the chocolate syrup inside the 12 tumblers.
  2. Place the skinned and pitted avocados in the food processor with milk and process until smooth. Add cocoa, sugars, vanilla and coffee. Process until smooth. Taste. Add more sugar if necessary. Place 2 heaping tablespoons in each cup.
  3. Mix kool-aid packet and stevia into yogurt untill well blended. Place 2 tablespoons in each cup.
  4. Top with fresh or chopped canned cherries and whip cream. Chill until ready to serve.


We also ate...

Dragon scales (Doritos)

Dragon claws (Bugles)

Quick sand (Hummus)

Dragon eggs (grapes)

Lady Mary's Cannon Balls (sugar cookie dough)

Bubbling dragon juice (red kool aid mixed with dextrose and sprite zero)

Plus, a killer Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (recipe coming soon.)


I was completely amused to see all the little kids eating their "feast" not knowing that it was mostly healthy-ish. It was wonderful to give my guys the same food as the other kids and never have to get out the sucraid. One of the dads who knows me well told me "I am enjoying this cheesecake-please don't tell me what is in it." It was a lovely compliment.

Hope you have a SWEET Valentine's Day.





  1. Thanks for that Jennifer. Now when you say coffee, do you mean like brewed coffee? I'm a tad confused.

    1. Yup, just regular coffee. It enhances the chocolate flavor and makes it taste richer. It also helps hide the avocado taste-some are stronger than others.