Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's Thanksgiving, and everything is perfectly normal.

The Hubster asked me to make a "traditional" apple pie this year. No rosemary infused crust, no citrus in the filling. "Fine," I said, "but it IS going to be a mile high, and have smoky molasses notes in the filling, and the lattice crust will be extra dense and smothered in melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar, and you can't stop me."

Wild horses *may* have been involved in the pie making. Can't say for sure.

It may be the most beautiful pie I have ever made. The Hubster took one look and quipped, "It looks like a cartoon."

Apparently, that was ment to be a compliment.

Apparently, he has never spoken to a human woman before.

My cousin and his partner are driving in from Detroit to join us. I am super excited to see them. They are a sweet couple, who, for the moment, do not have kids. I am a little nervous that they don't know what they are getting themselves into. I might have sent this email to them...

"Hey, thought it should warn you about some recent developments around here...
1-[Personal Assistant] is insisting on being potty trained. It could get a around here this weekend.

2-I am having some trouble walking, totally normal part of pregnancy, I just wasn't expecting it to happen until Feb. I may not be able to go sight seeing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

3-[The Hubster] believes Black Friday IS the zombie apocalypse and will be acting accordingly.

4-[Personal Assistant] believes you are bringing Elizabeth, [another cousin who lives in VT] because his cousins are coming, and apparently any contingent of cousins must include Elizabeth. Good luck with that.

5-You may be required to wear either a construction paper hat or head dress to the "feast" which will undoubtedly include construction paper apple and pumpkin pies and a purple turkey. And popcorn, because that was in the book we read too. And popcorn is awesome.

Yup. So things are totally normal around here. CAN'T WAIT to see you!"

Everyone deserves a warning when they are about to walk into a house FULL of normal right?

Personal Assistant can't eat much this year, so I thought I would make the things he can eat super fun. Pumpkin cookies were in a book we read about Thanksgiving, so I figured pumpkin biscuits would work. We talked about how awesome that would be, then I could NOT find my pumpkin cookie cutter. So I let him choose the shapes from the cookie cutter bin. He went with a traditional Thanksgiving transportation theme.

It might all be a little weird, but we are having FUN.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everything at your house is "perfectly normal" this year!


PS-My cousins were way into the hats.


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