Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick fix: Play Dough Revival

 Is your play dough lacking luster? Are the sensory spices you added just not sniffable any more? Here's your quick fix. And I mean really quick. These photos are from dinner prep time sometime in late December.

First, I crumbled up the dried out stuff and put it in the food processor.

I wanted to add some "Christmas" scent to it, so instead of hot water, I grabbed some of the liquid out of the homemade potpourri I was simmering. (If you've never done this, do it. Citrus peels, cinnamon, pine needles, rosemary and vanilla, or any combo of those ingredients, the scent fills the house in no time and will leave you feeling cozy!) Otherwise, I would have just used nearly boiling water.

Pulse until all the liquid is incorporated and the lumps are gone.

Add in food coloring, washable tempera paint and glitter for a color boost.

Add some flour and pulse until a sticky dough forms.

As the Personal Assistant would say: "Ah-Ha! We have discovered bright red play dough!"

Working with manageable pieces, turn out on a surface sprinkled with CORN STARCH. This will add a silky texture.

Roll the chunk of dough around until the surface is covered. Kneed it until smooth.

And that's it. A five minute rescue for old-ish homemade play dough. Much, much faster than dropping whatever to make a new batch to keep your kiddo busy!

The 'rescued' batches are still going strong and are still nice and smooth.

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