Friday, March 28, 2014

Guest Post: Maternity Leave Personal Records

Liesa is a mother of two energetic boys as well as a new baby girl.  She is a high school math teacher in Columbus, Ohio where her husband is completing his Ph.D.


I’m a runner and so, life is measured a string of PR’s (personal records).  Since I wont be setting any super awesome race times while home on maternity leave with my beautiful daughter, I need to measure PR’s in a new way.  So here goes:

(I wonder what this would look like if it said "Most Bra-less Days" instead!)

Top Ten Maternity Leave PR’s

1.      Longest stretch with out a shower:  5 days.
2.      Longest stretch of consecutive showers:  4 days.
3.      Most consecutive days without a bra:  6 days.  (oh, yes, I even ran errands and walked my kid to school)
4.      Most consecutive days in one shirt:  3.
5.      Most shirt changes in one day (due to baby puke):  4
6.      Longest uninterrupted bathroom session:  25 minutes (Small house+ social children= zero bathroom privacy)
7.      Longest stretch with out make up:  15 days and counting!
8.      Longest stretch WITH make up:  1 day (had to attend a funeral)
9.      Most days with baby in the same onesie:  NA
10.   Longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep:  7 hours!

Please, share your PR’s, let's be proud of maternity leave (or general motherhood) accomplishments!


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