Monday, March 24, 2014

The please can I please have a shower puzzle

I need a shower. It is how I wake up. It is my five minutes of not touching anyone. It is warm and therapeutic on my aching back that is not used to carrying around these giant milky boobies. I am routinely covered in someone else's pee, or vomit. I sweat profusely at random times cause I have post partum hot flashes. I likely do not smell very nice. I NEED a shower.

The boys don't give a crap. Or actually they do...often, so when everyone is finally fed, and cleanish and happyish. I run to the shower. Only to be called back, naked, to deal with...something. So I made a puzzle. Something new and novel to occupy my 3year old so he would not ask for something for a minute or two, maybe.

You will need:

  • A minute, maybe two
  • Construction paper
  • Random box of magnets
  • Cookie sheet
  • Pen
  • Somewhere to set the baby. Like the floor.

Put the construction paper in the cookie sheet. Throw some magnets at it.

Trace the magnets.

Dump the magnets back in the bin, mix them up, hand it to kiddo and RUN AWAY.

I made a few more this weekend to help get me through the week.

It took about ten minutes. Which is apparently #2's limit for floor time.




  1. I tried this with my 5 year old, but modified it a bit. One day I needed to take 40 minutes to cook and the child was "boooooored!" I traced letters to create sentences and he had to go on a scavenger hunt in the letter bucket to make the sentences. It actually worked! -Daisy