Monday, December 1, 2014

Just keep moving forward: Boy's CAMP Bedroom

One of the most challenging things about being a Mom to two little ones is juggling their very different needs and schedules. Mostly the schedules. It feels like I am still unpacking and not a single room is 'done' and it is now officially months (plural) since we moved in. I am learning to be content with progress-no matter how minor. That said, today I made a tent!

The Hubster keeps insisting we "Just spend the $30 for a regular bed tent." But...

  1. I think they are ugly
  2. They fall apart
  3. They look like a pain in the butt if you have to change the sheets, like daily, because of potty training.
  4. How the heck do you wash those things? It will get peed on. Or vomited on. I know this. You know this. 'Nuff said.
  5. They are not $30. At least the non-ugly ones that I would actually like looking at.

Of course, because I am mostly too tired to use my words. I have not explained this to the Hubster. I have just given him the look and left the room. You know what I am talking about. The look that says "Ah, no." Followed up with the one that says "Because, reasons."


Here's my tent plan. You will need:

($8.81) Rope

($2.27) Two heavy duty eye bolts

($19.98) 4x15 canvas drop cloth-heavy duty

(Total: $31.06 +tax)



Drill bits

Stud finder


Step 1:

Find two studs on opposite walls, approximately at the middle of the bed.

Drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the shank of the eye bolt.

Screw in eyebolt until it is tight and has no wiggle.


Step 2:

Lace the rope through each eye bolt. Give yourself the width of the room, plus about 5 feet.

Secure one side with an overhand knot.

Secure the other side with a trucker's hitch.

I doubled up the excess and made another overhand knot to secure a loop at the tent entrance for hanging a lantern.


Step 3:

Toss the (washed) canvas over the rope and tuck the ends under the mattress. This is a double mattress. The 4 foot width of the canvas is a near perfect match for the width of the head/foot end of the mattress.


In the end, it didn't take long, didn't cost much, is easy to wash, fits an adult for snuggle time, and there's nothing to break. Score.

It's cuter when the sheet and sleeping bag are on the bed, but, pee. I will update this post with a clean sheet picture later.

The tree has gotten a string of LED lights that can stay on all night as a night light. All of our camp (bear) friends have a place under the tree. All the other stuffed friends are hiding in the sleeping bag case.




Update: Happiness. And clean sheets.






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