Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kitchen Renovation

Ever get to that point with a project where the finishing touches are taking forever and annoying you, and the pictures need to come off your device to make room for the new ios update? I hit that point this week with the kitchen.

I was promising my self that I would wait to do one big kitchen reveal post, but it's time to remind myself just how far we've come before I get too annoyed at how far we still need to go.

Behold the before in all it's water damaged 1950's glory:

You can't see the water damage, but I assure you, it is there.

And now...


I should probably post more pictures so you can see the whole thing, but it is messy. And my Personal Assistant has a stomach bug. And it's not yet 8am. And I am lazy. Consider this a teaser. The final pictures will be posted months from now when I finally finish it and have time to clean up for pictures. Maybe.

So instead, here's a little video showing how we got from the 1950's to the 2010's in the not-quite-finished kitchen.

I still need to:
  • Stain the other shelves
  • Install baseboards
  • Install dead bolt on back door
  • Tile the backsplash
  • Knock a hole through the wall to the dining room
We'll get there someday.








  1. You've come so far. Those last few things almost always take the longest even if they are small. Still lovin' the fact that we had the same 50's countertops and cabinets. Your dish shelves are awesome.

  2. It looks great so far!!

  3. Jenny, this looks beautiful! Keep posting!