Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick fix: Starry Night Mobile

I had this done. With step by step pictures. And then somehow the whole thing was replaced by a picture of a paint lid and all the step by step pictures were lost. Gone. Shanghaied. I hate Mondays.
So...I am going to trust you all to use your imaginations on the step by step bit.

Starry night mobile

You will need:

I had everything left over from other projects, so for me this was a freebie.



  1. Cut a shape from cardboard
  2. Rip off peices of foil tape, crinkle, apply to shape
  3. Hang from the ceiling with your command hooks and thread.


As Kiddo would say, it was "easy bo steasy."




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  1. Love seeing all of your ideas. Thanks for sharing them.