Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mystery Meal

Jen has her stuff together.  I mean it.  She can trim her budget, save time cooking, buy everything at once, and be set.

I used to be upset with myself because I would try to be that way and fail.  “Why can’t I be more organized?”  I’d lament.  I would try to plan ahead for meals only to chafe at the fact that, you know what, I really want meatloaf.  I do not care that it is July – do you hear me monthly menu? – I do not care!  January gazpacho?  Yes. 

 In addition, we started buying whole animals rather than using the store, and subscribing to a CSA for our vegetables.  Often our menu is dictated by what meat we have left in the chest freezer and what was available at the CSA week by week. (More about this later.)

I have come to terms with the fact that I just live a messier life.  Once I allowed myself to embrace it, the “mess” felt less wrong and more delicious.  Rather than dis-order I see inspiration.  I am not advocating one way of living over another.  What I am advocating is listening to your body.  If you feel accomplished and efficient after creating a meal plan and shopping once a month, please do that – I want you to feel accomplished!  It also saves time and money.

If, on the other hand, those things feel rigid, and you prefer (and are able) to make quick trips based on whatever recipe lights you up with anticipation – do it!  I want you to glow.

I will say though, planning at least two meals back to back that will use ALL of the cilantro is a great way to avoid a swamp in the bottom of your fridge after the bit you didn’t use became trapped under the apples.  (Why does my husband always put the apples on top of things?)

Follow what fits your life.  You know why?  When I try to be what I’m not, I’m less efficient anyway.  Check out what's in the back of my freezer.  

Oh yes, it was a great idea to freeze this pasta dish "for later".

What is this?!  It even smells bad frozen!  Gah, put the lid on!

I am amused by this artistic mystery meat.

Is this poultry seasoning or cat nip?  Let's test it.

Oh, okay, catnip.

Be well,

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