Thursday, March 21, 2013

The dreaded first post.

So my college roommate Daisy and I have been talking about making a blog. We've been brainstorming, we've even been researching how to blog. But really we've just been procrastinating. Well, at least I have been procrastinating.

Because I don't especially like writing. Because I have nothing profound to say. Because I have nothing new to say...not really. I am a Mom. I work from home (in between changing diapers, fixing frustrating puzzle pieces, and fetching snacks). At the end of the day I am exhausted. So exhausted that there are friends I have not called since my son was born. He's two. That's pathetic.

So the idea of adding a shiny blog full of perfect photos of my clean house and amazing DIY projects was just hilarious. But apparently my Facebook posts are amusing enough that people (Daisy) think I should write a blog. So here it is, the dreaded first post. Nothing profound, nothing amazing. No pictures of my clean house or an amazing DIY project. Not a one.

This blog, we've decided will be honest. Because honesty is interesting, compelling, thought provoking, and on a really bad day, it is hilarious. I promise to share my failures along with my successes. My sweet Mommy moments along with my frustrations. I will share the picture of the brownies that came out of the oven looking like tar (I totally ate it with a spoon anyway) along with the pictures of my yummy delicious juicy gooey cherry pie. I will post pictures of the shorts I sewed for my son that look so hideous I feel bad letting him wear them in the sand box, along with the cutie Easter outfit I made for him because I can't buy pants skinny enough. I will tell you about how much I love going to the library with my son, and I will share the story of the day that almost made me quit going (almost, but not really).

Some posts will have lots of detail and information. Some will be 120 characters, because somedays that will be all I can muster. But that's ok. Because we are Moms, and we are honest, (sometimes we're a little too honest). I hope you enjoy this adventure with us. I hope you find something to laugh at (even if it is me), something to inspire you, and many, many moments of honesty that remind you that most days, we are all just getting by.




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