Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life without Internet

Currently I am writing to you from the parking lot of a cute pub in my neighborhood across from a lovely harbor.  You'll have to picture it because I have no photos...

The children are jumping into the water from the dock, and the laughter rides the ripples of water to the shore.  There is a line at the ice cream stand and children with sticky smiles of chocolate.  Someone seriously just ordered Gummi Bears on their ice cream sundae just because she can.

But I'm not here for pleasure...the internet provider who shall remain nameless has bumped us again...that will make two weeks with limited contact with the outside world.  At first I was FURIOUS!  But now....

Without internet:

I have played more games of Uno with my son.

I have had more conversations with my husband.

I finished one book and started another.

I listened to the birds celebrating in the rain shower.

I watched a groundhog with avid curiosity for a solid 10 minutes.  It's one of the only times I've seen one alive...and since I haven't put in my garden yet, it's very cute.

I tried to meditate once - with mixed results.

I've taken two naps
I took a walk with my son to look at trees, and bugs, and boulders, and "oh my gosh a glacier moved that?", and moss, and a stream, and "mama did you see that fish?" and "why do I move forward when I walk?" and "Why am I myself?"  That was my favorite thing to do without internet.

I can't say that I'm totally "reformed", but the reminder of slower things is lovely.


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