Thursday, July 4, 2013

We're Moving!

Okay, we moved.  Past tense.  My therapist says that the stressful / challenging things we do in life allow us to "meet ourselves."  Hail, and well met!

After a lovely crew of friends and family arrived to help us move on a Thursday, we were left with the dregs on Friday.  Moving that couch makes a huge impact.  That cord?  That compost bucket?  The baby picture that needs to go into the album that is already packed and at the new  The sorting, cleaning, second round of packing took about 13 hours the next day.

But I learned some important things!

1) I have a problem with nostalgia.  I hold onto anything that I deem has a connection to history...mine or anyone else's.  True story.  Once in high school a guy broke up with me in a parking lot just as I opened a stick of gum.  I saved the rest of the pack of gum, because, you know, now it had magical history powers.  Trust me, I KNOW that doesn't make sense.  As I was packing I challenged myself to defend why I was keeping each piece of "nostalgia."  If I couldn't come up with a reason better than, "I wore this shirt once when I was kissed!" I had to donate it, recycle it, or throw it away.  See those jars?  They held Q-tips someone gave me as part of a baby gift.  Luckily glass recycles.
2) I need to stop marking hazardous recycling day on the calendar and then skipping it.  I need to actually get rid of the oxycodone from my C-section and about 50lbs worth of batteries. 

3) I need to be a better filter.  I was ashamed of how much I threw away!  I have an affinity for minimalism.  I want to have few possessions so I can focus on people and events instead.  But holy wow.  After donating several bags of clothing, housewares, and recycling 5 bags of paper, 3 bags of glass, 7 bags of plastic I still threw out 6 bags of garbage.  I want to be sure to filter as things come IN to the house, not just as they go OUT!

Thumbs down to garbage.

Our new house has much more space than our apartment.  People keep laughing and saying, "You think you have a lot of stuff NOW, just wait until you've been in a bigger place for a few years!"

I am officially setting myself a challenge.  We lived in the apartment for 5 years.  In 5 years I want to have LESS stuff in the house than we do now!  I want to think carefully about my purchases...will I want to keep this?  Do I need to consume this?  Hold me to it, okay?


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  1. Aaaaaahahahahaha! You think you have a chance at having less stuff! Aaaaaaahahahahahaha!

    Good luck. If you find the magic formula to make that happen I insist you share it with me then force me to implement it.
    Aaahahahahaha! Seriously, my house, decluttered. What a riot.