Thursday, July 25, 2013

Multipurpose Yogurt Lid

I work on making yogurt at home, but sometimes I've just gotta grab some Stoneyfield Farm.  What kills me is the plastic.  I don't get to recycle #5 around here so I have to throw the container away.  But what I have learned is that the lid is perfect...for EVERYTHING!

I take the lid and cut of the lip on just one side, effectively keeping it a circle with one flat edge.  This stubby little piece of plastic works hard in my kitchen.  Now I know there are lots of kitchen couture pieces that could probably replace it.  And I also know that couture is only used in reference to clothing...but is there a word for custom made, expensive, beautiful, kitchen equipment?  (Viking perhaps?)

Here is a short list of the ways I use my drawer full of modified yogurt lids.

  • Scooping ingredients off a cutting board.
  • Transferring leftovers into mason jars.
  • Placing pancake batter on the griddle.
  • Using in any situation that you'd use a spatula, but you have much more control because there is no long handle.
  • Gently scraping pieces of food off of my cast iron cookware.
  • Gathering beads / pasta / glitter dropped on the floor by a careless 4 year old!
I've recently discovered that extra large oatmeal canisters have excellent lids as well!  Yes, I'm the crazy lady with a drawer full of lids.  I use them several times each week.


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