Monday, July 1, 2013

Mary, Mary quite contrary...

Can you believe it is mid-summer already? Holy cow. Summer must be the fastest season. Really, July always seems to catch me off guard. I thought it would be a good time to take stock of what's happening in the garden. The spring garden is, of course, well past it's peak, and there is something eating the columbine. But...

The hosts is loaded with buds...

And the foliage seems to be holding it's own over all.

The kitchen garden is a mixed bag. The nasturtiums on the north end have done nothing, but the oregano, chives, thyme and lavendar are rocking. The lettuce on this end of the garden seems to be a little slower to bolt, but it has been so hot that it won't be long now. The parsley is growing...slowly.

Oh the southern end of the kitchen garden, the nasturtiums and green onions are going nuts, while the rosemary and lemon balm are making a respectable first year showing. Garlic looks like a big flop this year, but Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cucumber are growing steadily.

Grow tiny little cucumber! Grow! (The companion planting of cucumbers and sunflowers that I learned online might not be in the cucumber's best interest.)
Below is some lettuce that I am allowing to bolt so I can collect the seeds. The shorter ones around it I have left for possible future harvest, but that is a long shot really. It is probably time to pull it and re-seed for laye summer/fall. In the background is weeds and some rather pathetic looking dill, along with some tiny first year mint, sage, and marjoram. My goal for this area is to cover it in perennial herbs and veggies, leaving just enough room for annuals like lettuce, spinach (didn't come up this year) and nasturtiums. My challenge is that it is not full sun.

I just added a bird bath to the south end of the kitchen garden. The birds have not found it yet, but I am in love. I literally just gorilla glued a chipped mug to a spindle I found at construction junction. I gave the spindle a quick & terrible coat of spray paint in my favorite yellow, then scraped the loose/chippy paint off. I think it is perfect.

On the fence that separates the patio from the alley where we keep tools, garbage and compost, also known as "the dangerous alley", I planted hen and chicks, grasses and sedums rescued from the bus stop area.

They seem very happy!

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the play area, give a tomato update, and show you the mess out front.



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