Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Double Your Donation Challenge: Couponing Basics

So you've never couponed before, and here we are asking you to coupon and DOUBLE your donation. This is going to be really hard right? WRONG! This is a piece of cake. Follow me!

FIRST, gather some coupons. The easiest way to do this is to pull out the Smart Source and Red Plum from your weekly grocery flyer mailer and/or your Sunday paper. You can get extra copies from neighbors, coworkers and friends. Most people throw them away, and most people are happy to give them to you. If you are friendly with your mailman, ask if he or she can bring you extra copies, if there are vacant houses on their route, they will have extra copies on hand, or you can pick them up at the post office where they are probably sitting in the recycling bin.

SECOND, for this challenge you don't need to start a coupon binder. Just put all of the Smart Source flyers from the same week in a pile, then paper clip or rubber band them together, or slide them into a large envelope. (If you think you may want to try couponing long term, I highly recommend starting a coupon binder. It takes about 6 weeks to start a really good coupon collection, which is about the length of this challenge, so by the time we are done, you will be organized and ready to roll.)
THIRD, like our brand new Facebook page. I will be reporting links to "deal scenarios" that I think would make for great donations until Christmas. From there you will be able to find all of my favorite Couponer Bloggers and can start following them if you would like. When a deal is posted, all you have to do is look up the coupon in your stash or print it using the online links, take it to the store when you do your shopping and get your deals.
Daisy, (who doesn't coupon and will be learning along with you) pointed out that this week she simply picked up some buy one, get one deals for things her family needed and put the extra one in her donation box. Bam! Doubled her donation buck right there, no coupons needed.
The coupons and grocery flyers come today for most of the Pittsburgh area, so check your mail. If you are not in the Pittsburgh area, they should arrive before Thursday in most places.
You can do this!

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