Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Double Your Donation: Track your donation spending

So, hopefully by now you have started your donation box for your local food bank. How are you doing? Are you buying BOGO deals to double your dollars? Are you couponing? How are you tracking your spending?
Because I like spreadsheets and I am a NERD, I made a couple of quick spreadsheets to help us see if we are truly doubling our donation. The first one is a simple chart, like a checkbook register (remember those?).
I printed out a copy and tossed it in my coupon binder so I could take basic notes while shopping. You can download the PDF version by clicking the link below.
Double Your Donation Tracker PDF
Because I don't love doing math long hand, and because excel exists to do it for me, I made a slightly more detailed excel version. Then I downloaded it to my iPad and opened it in Numbers (because numbers is cool like that) and entered the info once I got home.
It is calculating the totals for me, AND spitting out a report at the bottom to let me know just how I am doing...
A 50% increase represents a doubling of my donation dollars. So far, I am doing pretty good. This week I have to pick up a few fresh items for Thanksgiving and will be picking up a few stock up deals for the donation box as well. The super nerd in me is excited to see if I can push that total back up above 50% (I was at 55% last week!)
Download the excel tracker below, and use it on your PC in Excel or iOS device in Numbers.
Double Your Donation Tracker EXCEL

Let us know how you are doing in the comments! Is there anything we can do to help you meet your goal?

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