Thursday, April 25, 2013


ABC, simple as Do Re Mi!  Yes I have the Jackson Five in my head today.  Remember when your baby was so small and you started to teach numbers?  Your baby looked at you with those wondering eyes, as deep as the sea, knowing that you were the smartest person on the planet.  And then... begins to say words!  "o-ah, tu, free!"

It's "One, two, three, GO!"  And the baby runs!

They learn how to hold up the tiniest little fingers for counting! How precious!

Then they turn 1,2,3, FOUR and THIS happens.

At the dinner table.

"Hey mama, guess what?"

"What?"  (See?  This is where I went wrong.)

"One, two, three (**ferrrrp**)....excuse me I tooted!"  Then he collapsed with joy, falling onto his pancakes with unbridled delight.

I stare open mouthed, not sure how to respond to the lastest development.  My husband laughs out loud and compliments him on his timing.

How the hell does one teach a child that, yes, okay, that was freaking hilarious, but NEVER do that in public or I'll disown you?? 

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  1. Speechless: a familiar feeling to me too... Really, better not to say something at that time maybe? He's to amused by his own antics to even hear what you are saying anyway! All can tell you is that it comes, they do learn, and just in time for the next challenge.