Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When in doubt, blame your mother-in-law.


I am a good baker. Really. Truly. I promise. This cake SHOULD have been better. It should NOT have resembled a pancake in the middle.

I mean, all of the internets and Pinterest can't be wrong right? Right? I have been trying, and failing, to bake an good eggless cake since I found out that, well, I am allergic. Technically, I can eat eggs if they are baked long enough, but I can't handle the eggs without getting itchy. So, no eggs. Happily the Internet has so many good recipes (with pictures) of eggless cakes. Tried and true recipes, passed down from the Great War. So why am I failing? I blame my mother-in-law.

We didn't get off to a good start, and well, things involving my mother-in-law tend to be a bit...um, intense.

We have been getting along better-ish lately. She got me these awesome new cake pans for Christmas. They are heavy, just like I asked for. They are a good name brand. They are non-stick. They should be awesome.

Unfortunately, they have these weird concentric rings that somehow prevent cakes from rising properly in the middle. Even normal cakes with eggs are falling flat. Eggless cakes are a joke. The few times a cake has managed to overcome the weird rising issue, the weird circles would not let it turn out, resulting in a pile of crumbs instead of a cake.

So in frustration, while turning this latest disappointment onto the cooling rack, I told my husband I needed new cake pans. He asked what was wrong with the ones his mother bought me. I said they have weird circles that are not letting the cake rise. Also, they are rounded which makes layer cakes harder. Apparently this was not the right thing to say. Not the wrong thing exactly, but not the right thing. Somehow this sounded like I was blaming the mother-in-law.

I frosted the abomination and made what I hope is a passable bunny cake for a two year old. This is not the bunny cake I usually make. Oh no. That bunny cake stands up and looks like an actual flippin' rabbit. Maybe these cake pans can suffer some misfortune shortly so I can get back to baking something my family will actually want to eat, without blaming the mother-in-law.



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