Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend Project - Cleaning Product Purge

Remember Mr. Yuk?  My husband wears his Mr. Yuk T-shirt ironically, but I still remember the creepiest commercial on TV.   Ever.


Oh my god my home is full of freaking danger!!!!!  I'm going to die!!!

I found this on Youtube, showed it to my friends at work and we all had a great laugh.  That laughter segued into, "Remember that one time in the 80's when ______ ?"   "Totally rad!  Totally tubular!"  This lasted for a few minutes about an hour.

But, I got to thinking about this.  The things we use to clean our homes, and even the cosmetics we use, could still be labeled with this green sticker.  There are a lot of things in my house that could make my little one sick.  Did you notice the phrase in the song, "Home is full of bad things that can hurt you very much!"  I have a great idea!  Let's take those bad things that can hurt you and saturate all available surfaces!!  THIS is how a modern family cleans.  Yikes.

When I began going through my cabinets I noticed phrases like:

"Hazardous to humans and domestic animals."
"Avoid contact with eyes."
"Avoid contact with skin."
"If swallowed call poison control."
"Potentially fatal if swallowed."

It just started to seem, I don't know, kind of risky to clean.  And while, believe me, if you saw my house you would believe I took that excuse and ran with it, I decided to make some changes to clean safely.  

I'm still in the process of discovering which homemade cleaners are worth the effort and do the job, but I'm determined to purge my house of the things I'm using to "Clean" that are actually putting toxins into my house.  

My window cleaner, toilet cleaner, bleach, all purpose cleaner, pre-moistened mop cloths, and dryer sheets are on the way out.  If it can poison my kid, I'd rather just not keep it in the house.  However, if anyone has any vintage Mr. Yuk stickers I'd pee with excitement.   

But how the hell do I clean without cleaners?!  I'll update you as I find out.  



  1. Hey there,
    I'd love to hear if you've found any good recipes. I switched to some more friendly cleaners like parsley spray rather than all surface and windex cleaners, but some things just never seemed to clean as well and I've been burned by quite a few.

  2. Hiya Logan,

    I have a great glass cleaner recipe coming on Friday and I'm brewing an all purpose cleaner at the moment. I'll be trying that out this week and reporting next week. I have heard that castile soap can work in a pinch for most things, but I haven't tried that yet.


  3. My next-door neighbor just started selling Norwex products for the home, and although we don't have kids yet, I'm going to try them out. I also like Seventh Generation and they were awesome and sent some full-size samples to my sister when I told them that she had an apartment fire apparently caused by some common household chemicals spontaneously combusting under her kitchen sink. Nothing leaked or spilled, but the fire inspectors determined that a few household chemicals that she had sitting upright in a plastic storage bin (uncovered) started smoking on their own and filled the apartment with smoke (thank God their dog was with them and not in the apartment while they were gone!)