Thursday, April 18, 2013

I couldn't be a mom without coffee

Have you ever desired or needed something so much that you made a fool of yourself in front of others?  I'm about to.  You'll have fun because you'll either know what I mean, or, because you'll know that I know I'm an idiot.  Don't worry, I don't begrudge schadenfreude.

Clearing breakfast, syrup sticking
Step over child, marbles flicking
Anxious mind "To Do List" ticking
Room to room my heels tap-clicking

Then coffee dark and silky brown
The loamy smell of blooming grounds
Relieved to hear it dripping down
In to the pot with lilting sounds

Stop a moment breathing deep
Tip the kettle, watch it steep
Lean over steam and feel it sweep
To smooth out wrinkles pressed by sleep

Coffee sings the morning song
Carafe to cup it trills along
"Little wants to me belong"
They're creamy-hot and bitter-strong

Cradle cup with prayerful hand
Sip meditation while I stand
I smile at him (he understands)
Then bend myself to Day's demand

-Written by a mom who substitutes coffee for a full night of sleep.

And now I'm going to get a cup myself.


  1. I'm speechless- is this really how you make coffee!? My process is not so nearly poetic or beautiful!! I have to say, both of you ladies inspire me beyond words, and I love reading about your triumphs as well as your difficulties, which sadly, I can sometimes relate to a little better- fultility spoke volumes to me! Keep'em comin'!

  2. Thanks! And while I love my Chemex coffee pot, there's no judgement here, any way you get the stuff is great!