Monday, April 1, 2013

Conversations at 4am

Or personal assistant woke us up at 4am. He would not settle down. Even when I brought him to the big big bed for a snuggle. Daisy will confirm that the Hubster is the most reasonable guy you could hope to meet. Which makes his interactions with our unreasonable 2 year old so amusing.

This was the conversation on the other pillow last night at 4 am. All octopuses were imaginary.


"Octopus goes in the water. Octopus jumps in the water. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy."

"Yes buddy?"

"The octopus goes in the water Daddy."

"You can continue to work on your material buddy, just do it quietly. I know it can be hard to sleep when you are thinking about octopuses."

It IS so hard to sleep when you are thinking about octopuses. Good Luck with that.-Jen



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