Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easiest Cookies in the World.

Oh my gosh Mommy. Oh my gosh.

My personal assistant and I love to make cookies. The measuring and dumping is just so fun. (We sing a song about it. We enjoy it that much.) Sadly, it turns out my life long digestive issues are due to an egg allergy. Surprise! And I am beginning to suspect he has one too. So I am learning how to bake all over again. Lucky for you, I invented a two ingredient cookie recipe that you can whip up in ten minutes flat. Even with your personal assistant helping.

You will need:
  1. Cake mix
  2. Applesauce
  3. Bowl and a spoon or a granny fork if you are lucky enough to have one. (Seriously the best thing in my kitchen.)
  4. A cleanish personal assistant.

Mix cake mix with 1 1/2 to 2 cups of applesauce to form cookie dough. Your personal assistant will tell you when you've done it correctly. The stiffer the cookie dough, the puffer/more cake like the cookies will be. Thinner dough will yield flater, gooier cookie. 1 1/2 cups seems to be the right amount. Adjust bake tome to adjust the texture. Shorter=gooier, longer=more cake like.

We added a bag of chocolate chips and some cinnamon, because we wanted to. Adding coffee to chocolate cookies is also recommended. Just adjust the apple sauce accordingly.

Use your cookie scooper (or spoons if you are old school) and drop onto cookie sheets. Bake 10-15 minutes at 350. (Check on them at 10 minutes) Use this time to clean your by now chocolate covered personal assistant.


Watch your personal assistant make the best happy cookie faces, knowing that you totally rock Mom. You rock.



PS: This works with any cake mix flavor. One of our favorite variations is canned pumpkin with spice cake mix...which is where I got the idea.

PPS: Hubster thinks that these would make great "gobs". Or for people who are from anywhere other than western PA, "whoopie pies". So now I need to figure out whoopie pie filling. Because I refuse, REFUSE to make anything called a gob.


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