Thursday, May 9, 2013

Band Name Game

I'm not sure who started the "Band Name Game" in which ridiculous phrases are turned into pretend band names.  I mean, Green Jello?  Someone played the game there.  My son heard my husband and I joking about this and he's now committed to the name Metal PROCLAMATION!!

I mean he's really committed.  He came up with hand gestures... the typical sign for "metal" morphs into all ten fingers spread while yelling PROCLAMATION!! And he's compiling song titles.  He'll stop and say, "The next song on my album will be _____".

So far the band, first album, and first song will all be called Metal PROCLAMATION.  I know, for a four year old he's lacking some creativity here.

2) Vicious Biscuits
Inspired by Jen's son trying to say Viscous Biscuits.  Vicious is more "metal".

3) Giant container full of poop
Inspiration: we are trying to buy a house and he was a fan of the "hilarious" septic inspection.

4) Who let the baby run away with clippers
Deep - this one has lyrics.

5) Gloomy and two others

6) The purple face of understoodment
Five and six were inspired by repeated trips to the college art gallery.  There were faces.  Apparently, the artist needs to do some work here because his "apprehension" face looks like "understoodment" to my son.

7) You deliberately disobeyed me.
He decided this should be a song title when we told him that children may not say that to adults.  Now whenever he says it, he backpedals, "Oh, no, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking about my song."  Sure kid. 


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  1. When the naughty dog was still with us his band name was "Neuman and the Vicious Licks", the album title was "Lousy with Poo". If you met the dog it would all seem so obvious.

    The Hubster's all time favorite is "Quiet Fires" which came from a discussion of the "no technology at the campfire" rule at camp.

    I think this must have started in college right? Because whenever I talk to other people about it they try to make up names on the spot-totally not the point. The idea of waiting for and identifying band names in everyday conversation seems to be anathema to them, but that's all the fun man!

    I am glad we both still play the band name game. It warms my cockles, whatever those are.