Monday, May 27, 2013

Three days to a better house.

We did a blitz on the house this weekend. It was a mess. Two years without a big spring cleaning and purge had caught up with us. (Coincidentally, my Personal Assistant showed up about two years ago. Weird.)

I finally got the trim up on the cabinets.

I finally started painting the front door and touched up a bunch of trim. It's going to take awhile to finish, it is huge and requires a lot of patience. But that's ok.

I finally tiled the faux fire place in the dining room. (But I ran out of grout, so I have to run back to the Home Depot. That can wait, our local store is a zoo on long weekends.)

I cleared and cleaned and re-planted in the front of the house...way way down the hill by the street. It took 9 yard bags, but the shrubs are trimmed, the sidewalk is clean, and all of the winter dirt is gone. I even cut down a (small) tree!

The Hubster deep cleaned the house and ran interference with my Personal Assistant, and managed to scrape the box gutters too. (Painting them will be another pick-away-at-it project.) The Hubster came to help cut up the tree into manageable pieces. Then he cut his thumb with the saw...

Ewwwww! He then decided that was enough yard work, and went back to smoking a chicken for dinner. He made a delicious peanut butter cup no bake desert thing too. He's awesome like that.

We spread some mulch in the back yard and I moved some plants around, 'cause that's just how I roll. It looks great and I can't wait to see it all filled in later this summer. I spray painted the swing, but it didn't go well. It will need a few more coats or some actual paint brush action.

I have some beautiful hen-and-chicks that need a new home.

And I found this weird bottle when I was moving my cactus.

I am so exhausted, we worked so hard, but it feels really great to see a big improvement in the house in such a short time.



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