Friday, May 24, 2013

Weed Killer!

This entry will be brief and to the point.  I have weeds.  I hate them.  I kill them.


I do not want to kill my child with Roundup.

At first we tried our homemade all-purpose cleaner that we've now made 1/2 with orange infused vinegar and 1/2 with water.  This still has excellent cleaning power, but less stinking power.  While lovely in the house, it refused to kill weeds.  

We moved on to simply 100% vinegar.  
I let my child spray the weeds for fun while I sipped a cold beverage.


Look mama, I accidentally sprayed my arm!  Should I hurry and wash it?

No, sweetie, it's just vinegar.  We eat that on french fries.

Mama, that's gross.

Maybe, but it won't kill you.  Please come spray this one by my foot.  I am enjoying my cold beverage.

 Twenty four hours later:

I'll bet you were so smart you already knew this, but I was so excited!  And, I enjoyed my cold beverage even more while watching someone else kill the weeds.  Is it inappropriate to exploit child labor if they enjoy it??



  1. You crack me up. I had no idea that this would work. Please send child over to my yard with his squirt bottle. I have work for him here also. YAY!!

  2. You have nice toes- and I never would have even tried vinegar! Another idea is to torch them... at least, that is what my husband does! (Not reccomended to use child labor if you are going the torching route...) ;)

  3. Ha! While I would prefer to have compliments on dark flowing locks (which I do not have) or skinny thighs (rare for a cook to have these!) you are not the first to compliment my toes. Thanks for that.

    And yes, the vinegar worked like a charm. It, however, only kills the leaves. If you would like some other tips, check this website: