Thursday, May 23, 2013

Potato Kale Curry

We used to live in Minneapolis.  We adored the place.  It was far from family but it was alive, it was busy.  It was full of people and colors and ideas that were exciting to two corn fed hicks like my husband and I.  Let's not forget the people...we made our family of choice there.  We quickly became used to our limitless choices.  For us, it was a virtual Eden of entertainment, and delicious food.  Unfortunately, five years ago we had to leave everything and move to a rural New England town for my husband's job.  We went from:


 In this new town there's:

- one pizza place (no delivery)
- one coffee place (open 7-3, what?!)
- a diner (proudly advertises that tripe is on the menu)
- and one bar (where the kitchen closes at 8pm.  Try asking for something at 8:05.  I dare you.)

I wasn't  much of a cook when we moved five years ago, but I do love to eat.  I mean, I feel passion for some foods.  I will even dream about food sometimes!  After we moved I was motivated by powerful cravings to learn how to throw together some of our favorite dishes.  This one is modified from a recipe in the lovely 660 Curries .  This is so much easier than it sounds.  On night where I have to whip something up, this is what I do.  (Or pancakes...oh we eat a lot of those.)

Kitchen tools:
Measuring spoons
One large kitchen knife
One large cutting board
Can opener
Large skillet (cast iron if you have it) with a lid

2 Tbl veg. oil
1 Tbl spice mix** (cumin seed, fennel seed, fenugreek, yellow or black mustard seed)
1 jalapeno chopped (with or without seeds, to taste)
4 medium potatoes, cubed

1 can coconut milk
1 1/2 tea sea salt
1/2 tea turmeric
1/2 bunch of kale, washed, trimmed, ribs removed, roughly chopped

Basmati rice on the side - optional, but awesome.

Gently heat oil in the pan over medium heat.

**Make spice mix.  I make a double batch and keep it in the cabinet.  Combine the following.
3 tea cumin seeds
1 tea fennel seeds
1 tea fenugreek seeds
1 tea mustard seeds

Add 1 Tbl of this mix to the hot oil and stir until fragrant 15 to 30 seconds.  Sometimes the mustard seeds pop like pop corn.  Have a lid ready!

Add jalapeno to the pan (I use seeds) and cook until softened, then add potatoes and a sprinkle of water.  Stir and cover this for about 5 minutes.


Add a can of coconut milk, salt, and turmeric. 

 Deglaze the pan.  Cover again for 15 minutes and simmer.

 STEP 5:
 Wash kale, remove ribs, and chop roughly.  Add to the pan and cook until wilted to your taste.  I like it bright green, flavorful, and toothsome.  You might like it cooked a little longer until it has the texture of wilted spinach.

This is so delicious, I end up making it once every two weeks!  I hope you try it and change it up.  Spinach?  Sure!  Collards, Mustard Greens?  Awesome!  Let me know how it goes.


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  1. We have a bar? Where? We have three restaurants with bars in them (no, maybe 5...) but, yeah, we are definitely limited. And boring. You seem to be having fun with the cooking. Maybe YOU can do take out for the rest of us this summer?