Monday, May 13, 2013

Flowers for Monday

Sunday evening makes me sad. The weekend is over and a new work week filled with busy-ness is about to begin. About four years ago I started a summer Sunday evening tradition of walking through my garden, choosing a few blooms and making a nosegay for my desk on Monday. I often made a second one to share with someone at the office. I no longer leave home to work, but I still enjoy the tradition, and sometimes drop off a little bouquet for a neighbor. What is the point of growing flowers if you don't pick them?

My Mom knows about my Sunday flowers and got me this lovely Japanese Ikebana vase with a built in frog for Christmas this year. I think it is so beautiful.

Spring starts a little slowly in my garden, but it is filled, with grape hyacinth. I have them everywhere. I decided to try out my vase with a simple arrangement.

Ahhh. Better. One lasting reminder of the peace of Sunday as I start in on another crazy Monday.


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