Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Post is LESS Gross

Jenny!  I have experienced the same scum, soap, mildew, random crud caused by bath toys!  I, however, have a very quick and easy solution.
The first thing we do is divide the toys into three different sets.  This way the toys stay "new" and it is exciting to get out a new batch.  Also 2/3 of them are dry at all times.

I have to admit that after our move, we did have separate bathrooms.  I know I am fortunate, but I LOVE it.  However, when we did share we made sure he got his bath at night and we had showers in the morning.  By morning the bath toys were dry(ish) and could be removed while we showered.

Third, and most important, I bought a GIANT colander.  It lives in the tub with the bath toys. 

All the water drains away.  Occasionally I'll have some letter that adhere, but I wash them as his tub is filling up, and they've stayed gross-free.

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  1. The colander is a great idea. We also rotate toys and I've found that many of the toys can go through the sanitize cycle in our dishwasher (top rack only), which makes cleaning them easier.