Monday, June 3, 2013

Found Fruit Salad.

I promise this isn't (too) gross. Really.

I like to leave out a bowl of fruit in the dining room for snacks and to have a visual aid for the Personal Assistant when allowing him to select his fruit for breakfast or lunch. He loves it. Unfortunately, he is growing, and can now reach the fruit bowl himself, which really wasn't an issue until I found this:

It's like there is a giant rodent in the house munching fruit, then putting it back in the bowl. So, I decided it was time for fruit salad. I gathered all of the nibbled fruits (he had a few more hidden in the living room) and washed and cut off the nibbled bits. Diced them all and tossed it with some raisins (one of the Personal Assistant's favorites) and Magic (honey) and the juice of half a lemon.

Apparently I added some cantaloupe too. The Personal Assistant LOVED it. No really here's proof:

Yup. That is an actual toddler enjoying actual fruit.




  1. If you ever read the Ramona the Pest books by Beverly Cleary to your personal assistant when he is a bit older,one of the stories has Ramona taking one bite out of each apple in a bushel basket. When her older sister asks what would make her think to do such a (terrible) thing, Ramona calmly answers, "The first bite tastes the best." Older sister reflects fro a moment and realizes, Ramona is right, the first bite DOES taste the best. Salad was a good idea.

  2. Your child can handle the fact that different fruits are actually TOUCHING! Different foods touching each other is the grossest of gross up in here. However, I'd down that fruit salad right quick.


    1. You already know this I am sure, but it is actually pretty normal for kids to dislike fruit touching other fruit in a salad. When I taught pre-school the kids would pick apart fruit salad all of the time. He will eventually eat foods that mix or touch...someday.