Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fast Fix(es)

I was going to write about just one quick fix, then as I was taking the final picture, I realized there were several in one area. Here's the list of problems I had with this corner of the patio. There aren't any before pics. You will just have to trust me that it was unsightly.

  1. Dirt was coming through the chain link fence every time it rained.
  2. Chain link fence (duh).
  3. It was boring.
  4. Weeds.

That's my sweet Softie muffin. Isn't she adorable?

First, the grade on the neighbor's side of the fence is a slope. Our side is flat. This was a mess. I snagged some reclaimed brick when a building was demolished down the street and dry stacked a wall. Then I filled the planter area with compost mix. I have tried to grow seeds there, but the result is always a weedy mess (see #4), so this year I transplanted some hen and chicks left over from the great cleanup. I am liking it. They should fill in in a year or two.

(Did you notice the adorable hand print? That was left by the Personal Assistant last summer when he "helped" me with a painting project.)

Second, chain link fence, boo. I painted it dark grey to match the trim on the house, then planted some English Ivy because it grows quickly and is evergreen. It is taking over nicely, but does require some maintenance so that it doesn't sneak into the garden where it is not wanted.

Lastly, I added the plant stand and some plants. I found the plant stand by the dumpster at our old apartment building. It had seen better years.

Clearly, it was calling out for lime green spray paint. (Oh how I love spray paint.)

Much better.

Here it is all together one more time...

If you are counting, I shelled out for a flat of ivy, and a can of spray paint. So this transformation ran me a whopping $25. Gotta love repurposing.



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