Thursday, June 6, 2013


I recently spent a few weeks in southern Pennsylvania.  This is a place where you need to watch out for the Amish buggies on the road, but when you finally get home you can enjoy a few glasses of sweet tea and biscuits and gravy.  Oh my, I love going home.  And so does my son.  Not only is he mercilessly spoiled by two sets of grandparents, and one set of GREAT grandparents...he also gets to play with all kinds of "new" toys.

There's just something about drinking chocolate milk out of this.  "Oh YEAH! "

I love snuggling with my old Pound Puppy collection and breaking out the Fisher Price Family Farm.



"Did you know the barn MOOS?"

"Oh Yeah!"

"That is!"

See that Mini-bus?  It was made in 1969.  This train?  1971.  Would I sound appropriately like a curmudgeon if I said, "Grumble, it looks like people knew how to build toys back then!  Not like this cheap crap now-a-days!"

I could go on and on about slap bracelets and the Cosby Show, but there are several chain letters as well as the VH1 "Remember the 80's" shows that would hit that nostalgic sweet spot better than I could.

But, I guess what really makes me happy is that when we go on vacation, my kid really PLAYS.  My grandparents saved toys my parents played with for me.  My parents saved those toys and  mine for my kids.  We don't lie around watching TV when we visit family, we PLAY!  Now, I'm not a judger.  Who doesn't need a few episodes of Backyardigans or SuperWhy to entertain short stuff while Mama gets ready in the morning?  But, I just appreciate that my kid is excited to play with toys from the 60's instead of needing technology to keep him entertained at all times.

It also helps that my parents do anything my son asks.  Oy, that's hard to break when we get home!


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