Monday, June 17, 2013

Rags to rugs.

I make a lot of scraps. A lot. I also have waaaay too much fabric in my once neatly organized craft closet. I needed a way to use them up, so I decided to try my hand at making some simple woven rag rugs.

My first test was to make a simple loom on the wall next to my sewing area. Four drywall screws, two pieces of scrap lumber, and a bunch of cup hooks gave me this:

Here's a close up:
My first test was just using whatever scraps came off the cutting table, woven in as they appeared. It was a good way to keep the area cleanish, but aesthetically, um, not so great. I think it would be ok in the basement or as a tummy time sensory activity, check out all those taggy bits on the back! But I don't want it in my entryway.
The front is a little better, but still...

For the second attempt, I shredded some sheets from the thrift shop in coordinating colors. I like it better, but again, it was really hard keep the edges straight up and down.

The fringe is not so impressive, and when you stand on it, although it is really soft, when you wiggle your toes holes happen in the weave because the rags are slipping on the cotton weft.

Here's the finished rug. It's meh.

It was great to be weaving again though. I did some research and found some improvements to make to my loom that should fix the uneven sides issue. When I get it done I will write about it. In the meantime, I tried some crochet rugs and I will tell you about them tomorrow.



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