Monday, June 24, 2013

Yogurt, take 2.

In case you missed the original yogurt post, you should take a minute to check that out and get caught up. Because today, I am going to talk advance yogurt making. As in what to do with all that yummy homemade yogurt when you want something a bit different.

Yogurt Popsicles are yummy and delicious. Just add fruit (here I used blueberries and strawberries) and honey to your fresh yogurt, blend and freeze. My personal assistant won't touch them because they aren't in a plastic tube like freeze pops.

Cheese. Holy cow yogurt cheese is so good. It's somewhere between goat cheese and cream cheese. Spreadable and soft and fantastic. Sounds difficult right? Well it's not. All that stands between you and homemade cheese is a generous addition of salt and whatever herbs you want to toss in. This time I used fresh dill from the garden. Just mix in salt and herbs to taste, then strain it in cotton cloth or cheese cloth until it firms up. You can strain it for as long as you would like, but I usually break down and pull it out after a day or two.

Here are some other non-yogurt uses for your homemade yogurt:

  • Mayonnaise substitute in sandwiches and recipes. I am making spinach artichoke chicken this month. Mmmmm.
  • Cream cheese substitute
  • Dip and dressing. No guilt, egg free, ranch dip specifically. Just mix in a ranch packet and enjoy. In Greek style yogurt it will be a thick dip. In fresh un-strained yogurt it does a spot on impression of ranch dressing.

Happy snacking!



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